Saturday, February 21, 2009

Slow Down : A boon part 3

We had a new product release in our company and hence been quiet for some time.

Continuing from where I left last time, the biggest beneficiary of the slow down is the Engineering education system in India.

The last decade saw mushrooming of engineering colleges all over. Parents thronged to admit their children to these colleges as long as these colleges could show placements. To accentuate the problem the colleges started thinking only reason of its existence was to help students get a job. With an easy job market, it was not a tall order. They turned into a vocational institute and had lesser esteem in student's eye than a low end trainers like NIIT.

Typical expectations from a college :- building value system of their students, helping them develop a rationale problem solving based approach, enabling a smooth transition from student to professional life etc ; were no longer talked about. Most of the colleges did not have functional play fields or basic support for extra curricular. Forget things like research or publishing papers.

To accentuate the problem, the faculty after years of experience used to earn less than starting salary of graduating student. Only the dedicated few would not get tempted by higher salary or corporate world. As a result majority of the faculty was sub par.

How are things changing? With fewer jobs, college managements are forced to be progressive. This includes encouraging the faculty to persue post graduate and doctoral programs. Next given the poor job market ample amount of experienced professionals are now available to do faculty jobs. Last but not the least: - with fewer jobs, students are trying to take their studies seriously.

Signing off with a hope that we shall soon see a golden dawn for India

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