Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Luck By Chance

There is no industry as lucky as the Indian IT industry. I do not mean that the folks in the industry are not visionary or that they did not work hard. But luck had an important role to play. Lets take a case in point .....

Below average political leadership

Irresponsible and incompetent political leadership is the biggest boon for Indian IT industry. By doing Satyam like accounting jugglery GOI (government of India) has hidden huge deficits (losses) behind off budget items like oil bond, fertiliser bond etc. For Rajus to transfer fortune of Satyam to Maytas is sin but the leaders have conveniently transferred fortunes of ONGC to oil marketing companies.

When the Rajus could sin no more ..... they were jailed. When GOI could sin no more .... rather cover up their sins no more ...... Rupee fell from 40 to 50.

Rupee at 50 means growth of over 20% in revenue and 25% in profits for IT Industry assuming they do not get additional business this year.

The key for Indian IT is that Indian economy at any point of time be worse managed than US. This will ensure a favourable exchange rate.

Assuming Bush is once in a century phenomenon .... I mean you cant get worse than Bush ...... hail Chidambaram & Co.... may his party be in power as long as I am in IT industry.

Imagine having erstwhile Finance Minister , Jaswant Singh at helm for last 5 years. With all his prudence and sensibile approach which he demonstrated earlier, Indian economy would have been well managed implying dollar at 35 ... curtains for Indian IT ......kinda similar to whats happening to Japanese export economy (Sony included) courtsey stronger yen ..... hmmm all I can say is ..... lucky by chance ....err luck by chance.

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